Happy New Year 2017 SMS | New Year Messages For Friends

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 SMS: For most of the people, with the arrival of the New Year, they will come across good all through their life. The New Year indicates that the time has inwards to offer goodbye to the past year and welcome the New Year with new hopes and expectations.

In simple verses, New Year is entirely the time of replication of the forthcoming year 2017. Here is a great collection of Happy New Year 2017 SMS in Advance that you can select and send across your beloved buddies. You can also share these SMS and messages with your allies via instant messaging applications or social networking websites and bring happiness in their life.

Just scroll down for the Happy New Year SMS in advance and messages and pick the best one and send it to the one you like the most. Have a look! Happy New Year SMS can be sent to the friends and beloved buddies on this special occasion and celebrate this New Year in the best way.

The New Year is coming soon this year and everyone is exploring the web for the best Happy New Year Messages and SMS in advance for all the friends, relatives, family members, colleagues, companions and many others across various instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, WeChat, Snapchat and much more.

Best Happy New Year 2017 SMS:

Usually, prior to the arrival of the New Year, people begin sending the best wishes and messages to their beloved ones in advance to welcome the New Year in a great way. In order to help the people across the world, we have come up with an exclusive collection of the best Happy New Year SMS in advance 2017 that can be sent to your friends and beloved ones.

Now you can select the best message to send your loving ones so that they will truly feel happy and cheerful that you thought about them on this New Year 2017.





When you are on the road to success, the most important rule is to keep going forward and never look back. May you reach your goal and have a worthwhile journey!

In this New Year, let’s make a promise to oneself. A promise to be a better human being, a better family person and most importantly a better citizen for our country.

Nights are dark but days are bright, keep your head and heart in a place that’s right. Don’t get sad as it’s almost near. Yes! We are talking about an upcoming New Year.

My good wishes for you are just not confined to the upcoming year but for many more years to come. Have a rocking New Year!

2016 is going out… New Year 2017 is coming in! Do a twist and turn, a turn and dance all night long. Wishing you 365 days of total fun and enjoyment.

If you are happy, celebrate this New Year with a smile on your face. If you are not happy, still do so to make your near and dear ones smile this New Year.

There are things that are left undone or some things left unsaid but what can’t be left undone is wishing you a happy New Year.

Be grateful that you could see a New Year in your life again. Learn from your past flaws and take on the world in high spirits!

Happy New Year 2017 Messages for Friends:

We need to have the ability to accept new challenges, new hopes and expectations to confront in the coming year. The arrival of New Year indicates that people must forget all their painful moments and regrets and give a new beginning this New Year with much happiness and enthusiasm. No one can go back into their life and begin their life again.

New ideas, innovations,unprecedented aspirations to inspire the world in future times is abound to you this year. Enjoy winning…..Happy New Year. 

We are Ιn the last mοnth of the Υear. Just felt Ι should thank Εveryone who made Μe smile this Υear. Yοu are one οf them so Ηere’s a big  Τhank You. 

Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.

Many years ago I resolved never to bother withNew Year’s resolutions, and I’ve stuck with it ever since. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

Like birds, let us, leave behind what we don’t need to carry… GRUDGES SADNESS PAIN FEAR and REGRETS.Life is beautiful, Enjoy it. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 SMS.

New Year’s Eve, where auld acquaintance be forgot. Unless, of course, those tests come back positive.

The Old Year has gone. Let the dead past bury its own dead. The New Year has taken possession of the clock of time. All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months! Happy New Year 2017.   

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.

New Year Wishes:

We need to thank god and parents for giving this best life with all happy moments and offer great favors to all of us till this time. We all hope for success and luck to be favored for us in the upcoming New Year 2017. So, everyone can have hope with the coming New Year to make a new start in their life.

You need to think of all the past sad moments like passing clouds and carry all the best and cheerful moments into the New Year so that we can feel happy and stay cool all through the year and life as well. Check out the best collection of Happy New Year 2017 SMS.

With all the Rose’s Perfume & with all the lights in the world & with all the children’s Smiles…I Wish U that ur all dreams comes True..HAPPY NEW YEAR.

My family and friends, I wish that this new year ahead, throws at you much happiness, health, work and success in their life projects. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017.

People treat New Year’s like some sort of life-changing event. If your life sucked last year, it’s probably still going to suck tomorrow.

Happy New Year Messages For Colleagues – New Year 2017 SMS

At present time and scenario, most of the people are working.  Both men and women are working hard to make their living.  There is the majority of people who are working compared to the people who are ideal.

All the working people will get to spend most of their time with their colleagues.  People get to share all their matters with each other and bond with each other greatly.  New Year is looming and it is time to shower our wishes on our buddies at a workplace.

New Year is a day off for most of the companies.  New Year is a very special occasion for everyone.  Giving our heartfelt wishes to someone whom we care as friends will make them feel more protective and happy.

New Year is incomplete without involving our buddies at the workplace in celebrations.  Though it is not possible all the time to involve them physically, you can actually involve them virtually by means of sending them a simple message of New Year.

It is the special occasions and festive activities that bring and bond people together strongly.  It is the time to make up with friends with whom we have differences with.  It is the time to settle out our feelings and forgive those who hurt us.

New Year is not just about wishing each other; it is about praising the most deserving.  It is about giving support not just in words, but in terms of actions.  It is about filling someone with hope and driving them towards their success.

Happy New Year Messages For Colleagues:

new year 2017

Be the change that you wish to see at your workplace and take initiatives to make things better.

new year greetings

Happy new year wishes for my office colleague through this text. A colleague like you is the best for companionship and i am lucky to have you in workspace.

new year messages

Another year full of new opportunities to perform lies ahead of us. Let us optimize all the chances we get to perform.

new year quotes

Happy New year 2017 may turn out to be a year when you are put on the road to everlasting success and prosperity.

New Year 2017 SMS:

To my good colleague, I extend my thankful wishes for your hearty new year wishes you sent me. I am indeed very grateful for your wishes and regards and convey to you my New Year wishes in return for a prosperous New Year celebration. Have a happy new year ahead.

Loving happy New Year wishes my office colleague sent to you through this text. Let this New Year beginning and the year throughout be the best and loveliest of all for you and your family.

To the world’s best work colleagues, happiest of new years! Here’s hoping the coming year is prosperous, happy and peaceful.

Αlong with all Τhe new hopes Αnd promises that Τhe New Year wοuld bring Hope Ιt also brings υs a lot mοre opportunities to wοrk together. Wish yοu a very Ηappy and Successful Υear ahead.

For the new year we wish that you will achieve all your personal and professional goals. Happy new year!

Happy New Year 2017 Quotes:

For my office colleague, I convey my new year wishes and good regards through this card and pray to the Lord to shower your new year with blissful moments and newer opportunities. Have a happy new year ahead.

 Happy New Year wishes for my office colleague through this text. A colleague like you is the best for companionship and I am lucky to have you in workspace.

Dear colleagues! Happy new year may your see all the happiness, peace and success you deserve in the coming year and beyond!

Ι wish the Βudding 2017 blesses Αll with beautiful Εxperiences around the Υear vanishing all sοrrows..Εmbracing with smiles.

The management would like to thank you for your outstanding performance in the past year. Together we have achieved a lot in common and the new targets are aiming for. A happy new year to ll of you!

Another year full of new opportunities to perform lies ahead of us. Let us optimize all the chances we get to perform. Sending best 2017 New Year wishes for a prosperous year.

To the best colleagues anyone could wish for, happy new year! May you experience every success in the coming year and beyond!

Best New Year 2017 Wishes:

Happiest of new years to my favourite colleagues! Have the best year ever filled with success and joy!

Never aim for less for you can achieve the best. May you work hard to achieve the goals and make 2017 a milestone in your career. Wishing you Happy New Year 2017. Rock it!

At the end of a successful year, the management would like to thank for their dedication to thank you. We wish you and your families a happy new year!

To my sweet office colleague, happy New Year wishes for you. Let this New Year you earn profits in your work and joyous moments in your life.

Happy New Year to the world’s most supportive colleagues! I am happy to have enjoy the past year with you and may the coming year bring more joy and success to
your lives!

I give the highest respect and admiration to my colleagues this new year! May your dreams be fulfilled and your days be rich with happiness!

A year with a lot of work and effort is behind us. The business results achieved testify to the fact that the effort has paid off. Thank you very much for this great work. We wish a roaring Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Wishes in Bengali | New Year 2017 Quotes For Brother

The occasion of Happy New Year indicates that the time or moment has just come to say goodbye to the previous or past year and it also signifies that people must welcome the upcoming year with much fun and excitement.

People can also send their Happy New Year Quotes in Bengali language to all your friends and family members across various messaging and social media websites like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Hike, Line, Snapchat, WeChat and many more.

In the Telugu states, people celebrate the New Year in the month of March which is called as Ugadi. But, all the people across the world rejoice and signify 1st January as the New Year. However, people indulge in various energetic activities on both the days and send their best wishes to their friends and beloved buddies.

Some people take part in various exciting and traditional activities like singing, dancing, organizing parties, and going to religious places and much more. If you are seeking for the best wishes to send to your relatives in Bengali, we are here to help you in a great way.

In this post, we have included the best Happy New Year Quotes in Bengali so that all the people can send these quotes in order to inspire and motivate your loving ones. This way they could achieve whatever they wish to happen on this special year.

Happy New Year Images HD in Bengali:

happy new year quotes in bengali for facebook

new year in bengali

happynew year in bengali greetings

new year in bengali pictures

bengali new year 2017

new year 2017 bengali quotes

New Year 2017 Quotes for brother:

Tomar Jonno Sokal, Dupur, Tomar jonno Sondha,
Tomar jonno sokol Golap,sob Rojoniogondha,
Tomar jonno sob Sur, tomar jonno Chondo,
Notun bosor boye anuk Onabil Annondo.
Shuvo Poila Baisakh.

Natun asha, natun pran,
natun sure natun gaan,
natun jiboner natun alo,
natun bachor katuk valo
Suvo Noboborsho

Bondhu tomar bhalobas har janala khola rekho,
Moner akash meghla hole amay kintu deko….
Jhor bristi katiye abar dekhabo alor hasi,
Ami achhi, thakbo jeno tomar pasa-pasi.
Shubho Poila Boisakh!

Notun a a sha, notun rod, notun a alo, notun bhor
Misti hasi dustu chokh, swapno gulo sofol hok
Subho Noboborsho!

Choitrer Raater Sheshe
Surjo Ashe Notun Beshe,
Shei Surjer Rongin Aalo
Muchhe Dik Jiboner Sokol Kalo
Shubho Nobo Borsho
Dinguli jamoni hok thik-E Jai Kete,
Tobu bolo luv ki ar Purono smriti ghete,
A bochore purno houk tomar sokol asha,
Nobo borshe etai amar porom-prottasa

Aj Dukkho Vular Din, Aj Mon Hobe Je Rongin, Aj Pran Khule Shudu Gan Hobe, Aj Sukh Hobe Simahin. Tar Ektai karon. Aj Bangla Noboborsher Protom Din.

Noton bochor asok niya noton noton aasa
Prithibite choriya dik sudue valobasa.
Hana hani,Vedavad sob kichu voli
Aso soba mila misa Sot potha choli.
Sobaika New Year ar Soveccha.

Dibbo Kore Bolchi Tumai Ar Hobena Vhul,
Hariye Tumai Aaj Amija Na Pai Vabe Kul,
Roylo Amar Ai Abedon Grohon Koro Mura
Aager Moto E Badbo Tumai Nikhad Premer Dura

Purono joto hotasha jirno opobad,
Jak dhuye jak
Asuk notun bhor niye notun asha
Sobar jibon uthuk bhore anando, bhalobasait

Eccha golo Akas cholo,Vaslo meghar sari,
Khusir jhora tepantore hridoy dilo pari,
Moner maje setar baje khusita mon saje,
Eidar din huq Rongin ai kamonate.

Happy New Year Wishes for Sister:

eso eso nababarsho
ano songe mrito bonge
nobo pran
nobo harsho.

Ja hoyeche bhalor jonnoi hoyeche, ja hobe tao bhalor jonnoi hobe. Bhagawan apnar agami dingulo ke bhoriye din sukh or samriddhite. Subho noboborsho!

Kaalboishakhir jhorer saathe asbe Boisakh
Dhuye dite, muche dite purono joto paap
Ullash arr horshe bhoruk sobar jibon
Sobar jibone ghotuk notun bochorer
Subho agomon

Nishi Jokhon Vor Hobe. Suktara Nibe Jabe, Asbe Ekta Notun
Din, Dukkho Hotasha Jao Vule, Hasi Anondo Niyo Tule,
Bochorta Hok Omolin,,Shuvo Noboborsho!!

Āmi prāẏa’i dēkhēchi bandhudēra ārambha mata haẏa ēbaṁ āmāra bhā’i cām̐dēra mata haẏa, tāhalē yē ākāśa upara aindrajālika dēkhāẏa kintu cām̐da chāṛā ēṭā saba andhakāra haẏē yāẏa. Āpani jībana sukhī nababarṣa bhā’i lā’iphalā’ina haẏa.

Āpani khani brō ēka khuba catura ēbaṁ biśēṣa bandhu hisēbē āmi kōnō suyōga āpani saba khuba bhāla cāna ēbaṁ āpani ēkaṭi sampūrṇa bacharēra sāphalya ō samr̥d’dhira pūrṇa icchā tyāga karatē pārabēna nā. Śubha nababarṣa bhā’i!!

Sāphalya ēbaṁ sukha ārēkaṭi bachara pāra haẏē gēchē. Pratyēka natuna bachara saṅgē, br̥hattara cyālēñja ō āsē jībanē bighna. Āmi āśā kari tumi sāhasa, āśā āra biśbāsa saba bādhā āpani sam’mukhīna parāsta. Mē āpani ēkaṭi mahāna bachara ēbaṁ ēkaṭi bismaẏakara samaẏa ēgiẏē āchē. Āllāh tōmāra maṅgala karuka.

Nababarṣēra natuna āśā saṅgē āmādēra panthā, ēkhānē āpani ēbaṁ āpanāra paribāra ēkaṭi maṅgalakāmī haẏa bismaẏakara bachara ēgiẏē. Śubha naba barṣa.

Ēkaṭi natuna bacharēra jan’ya āpani kichu natuna ānā, tāra guṭi bicchinnakaraṇa ēkaṭi prajāpati mata ēkaṭi padakṣēpa karā! Ēkaṭi padakṣēpa!

Happy New Year Wishes in Spanish | Feliz Año Nuevo 2017

Feliz Año Nuevo acaba de comenzar trayendo nuevas esperanzas y los cambios en la vida de uno. Esta es una ocasión especial que impulsa a la gente a dar un nuevo comienzo a su nueva vida.

Se ofrece la posibilidad de descubrir sus sueños y proporciona el valor y la confianza en sí mismo para cumplir sus sueños de la mejor manera. En esta ocasión muy propicia, la gente simplemente alzar encima de su espíritu con el fin de acoger la Feliz Año Nuevo de la mejor manera y hace que todo el mundo para comenzar su vida de una manera más feliz y alegre.

Con el fin de hacer que el entorno feliz y agradable, la gente envía sus mejores deseos y saludos a sus amigos, familiares, parientes, y muchas otras aplicaciones a través de redes sociales y otras aplicaciones de mensajería instantánea que están disponibles en la web.

Para activar la Feliz Año Nuevo en un evento especial, las personas se organizan fiestas y otros eventos, invita a todos sus amigos y compañeros queridos y disfrutar de los picos. En general, con motivo de la Feliz Año Nuevo, las personas dan la bienvenida esta ocasión con lleno de vino, cerveza y también lo disfruta cortando la torta.

Si usted está explorando para los mejores deseos para ser enviados en idioma español, estamos aquí para ayudarle de la mejor manera. En este artículo, hemos llegado con la mejor Feliz Año Nuevo deseos en idioma español para el año 2017. Tiene una mirada!

Nuevas citas al año en español :

imágenes de año nuevo en español

Vamos a dar la bienvenida al año que es fresco
Vamos a dar la bienvenida al año que es fresco y nuevo,
Vamos a apreciar cada momento que contempla,
Vamos a celebrar este año nuevo feliz.

Año Nuevo trae felicidad no sólo Tear,
Todo el mundo ama sólo Usted Querido,
Todos sus problemas serán Finalizar
Es para desearle mi especial de Año Nuevo.

Año Nuevo no se trata de cambiar las fechas, pero la dirección;
No se trata de cambiar el calendario, pero Compromiso;
No se trata de cambiar las acciones, pero la actitud;
No se trata de cambiar la fruta, pero la fe, la fuerza y el Focus!
Que Comprometerse y crear el mejor Año Nuevo nunca !

nuevas citas al año en español

Para mi todos los amigos del facebook,
Pequeños teclas grandes cerraduras abiertas,
Palabras simples reflejan grandes pensamientos
su sonrisa puede curar bloqueos cardíacos
Así que seguir sonriendo rocas.

Te echo de menos cuando algo realmente bueno sucede porque Tú eres el único
Quiero compartirlo.
Te echo de menos cuando algo me está molestando, porque usted es el único que me entiende.
Te echo de menos cuando me río y lloro porque sé que usted es el que hace crecer mi risa y las lágrimas desaparecen.
Feliz año nuevo 2017.

 nuevas cotizaciones año

Aceptar como eres.
De lo contrario, usted nunca verá Oportunidad.
Usted no se sentirá libre para moverse hacia ella;
Usted siente que está que no merecen.
Feliz Año Nuevo a mi hija! La caída de la del año pasado en el limbo silencio del pasado. Déjalo ir, porque era imperfecto, y gracias a Dios que pueda ir. Feliz Año Nuevo 2017!

No vamos a ser llamados a una familia si didnít venga a nuestra vida.
Usted ha hecho nuestra vida completa y feliz.
Feliz Año Nuevo mi dulce hija!

Deseos de año nuevo :

felices refranes del año nuevo

Que el próximo año le trae buena suerte, fortuna, éxito y mucho amor. Feliz Año Nuevo para usted y sus seres queridos.

Cada momento en un día tiene su propio valor, por la mañana trae esperanza, la tarde trae Fe, de noche trae el amor, la noche trae descanso, espera que usted tendrá todos ellos todos los días. Feliz Año Nuevo 2017.

Nο importa si Εvery atardecer roba οne día desde οur vida, Βut cada amanecer da υs uno otro día tο esperar! Ι desean nuevas hοpes siempre Βe una parte οf su vida. Ηappy nuevo año 2017.

En todo lo que tiene que haber una temporada, un tiempo en el futuro y un tiempo para ir, yo deseo que este nuevo año.

En 2017 me gustaría que puede no sólo cambiar la fecha del calendario, sino también su enfoque, compromisos y acciones para un año más fructífero delante.

 Wallpappers nuevos al año en español

En el camino hacia el éxito, la regla es siempre mirar hacia adelante. Que llegue a su destino, y es posible que su viaje será maravilloso. Feliz Año Nuevo.

Ι nunca puede fοrget sus Αrms abiertas, Υour listos para escuchar Εars, Υour corazones bondadosos Αnd su lοve el cuidado de E ·! Deseando yοu cálidos abrazos Αnd un montón de lοve de Nueva Υear!

Un optimista se mantiene hasta la medianoche para ver el Año Nuevo en. Un pesimista se mantiene hasta asegurarse de que las viejas hojas del año. Sea optimista y recibir el Año Nuevo de 2017.

Happy New Year Calendar 2017 – New Year Images, Wallpapers HD

Happy New Year 2017 Calendar : In order to start some good things, people will look at the calendar and begin that work based on the good days from the calendar. This way, people will consider Happy New Year 2017 Calendar as the best thing to choose their day to commence some things like purchasing a new house, bike, electronic devices, inaugurations, other events like marriages, and many other functions. Wish your friends Happy New Year 2017.

There are several ways to celebrate the New Year with all your friends and beloved ones. You can experience great things on this special day by going to the best places in the city. Usually, kids or children enjoy this New Year in a grand way and they will make the day happy and blissful with their lovely acts.

New Year Calendar 2017 Pictures:

People love celebrating the New Year at different places like home, pubs, restaurants, temples, church, holiday spots and much more. In general, people prefer celebrating this occasion at their home by enjoying with their family members and kids by taking part in fun-filled activities and much more interesting events.




Happy New Year Images:

If you are looking for the best Happy New Year 2017 Calendar design, we are here to help you in the best way. Here is a great collection of best designs that can be shared across your friends on this occasion.  Happy New Year Calendar 2017 has a significant part on this very special day. What people have done in this previous year will be shared with their loving ones and forgets all their bad moments.





Best Wallpapers for New Year:




Belated New Year Wishes 2017 | New Year Sayings For Friends

Belated New Year Wishes : New Year is one of the most awaited festive days of the year.  All the people wait all the year long to celebrate this beautiful day called New Year.  On the New Year day, people usually exchange wishes with each other.

Sometimes due to hectic schedule at work we may hit miss to wishing our dear ones and buddies.  If you have ever faced such a situation in life earlier you would have known the feeling that comes with not wishing our dear ones.  Though we could not be able to wish our dear ones and buddies on the New Year day, we can actually compensate the wishes.

Belated wishes are our saviors.  We can just send New Year belated wishes to those people whom we want to wish even after the New Year day. Most of the people who got vexed with their old and bad habits give up on them on the occasion of New Year.  New Year has always stood up for a reason to dream and start anew in life. In that case, too we can make use of the belated New Year wishes.

We have especially collected these belated New Year wishes for our busy readers.  We wish and hope that you like our collection.  Make sure to send and share these belated wishes with your buddies and dear ones after New Year and give your belated wishes to them.

The resolutions people make on the New Year day literally stand out.  As New Year is here we have come up with some belated New Year wishes.  Check them out!

Belated New Year 2017 Wishes:


I may be little late in wishing this New Year
But my prayers are always with you on this New Year
Belated Happy New Year.

I know I’m late with
my happy new year’s wishes
but I have an acceptable excuse
my love for you is so profound
I needed extra time to find
the most appropriate words


Yes I am the first
to send you an amazing
next new year wish
I’m lucky you have a heart
full of forgiveness sweetheart
happy belated new year
Funny Belated New Year Sayings.

I didn’t miss the opportunity to wish you a New year’s Day
I am just fasionably late. Belated Happy New Year.
Celebrate first, ask forgiveness later.
Sorry as I am late wishing you a Happy New Year 2017.

I feared Dat my wisheson New Year
Might get lost amidst all others
So wishing U a little lates

Happy New Year 2017:


A day’s late is fine.
Fortunately I am not late by a year to wish you
Happy New Year 2017.

I’m Busy weaving beautiful dreams
when others were waiting 4 clock to strike 12
So it is
Happy Belated New Year 2017.

I may be little late in wishing this New Year
But my prayers are always with you on this New Year.
Belated Happy New Year.

I didn’t 4get 2 wish u a Happy New Year
I just want 2 prolong da celebration of new year
Let’s party whole year long.

Unlike my new years wishes
my love and friendship never
come delayed to you !!!
a belated happy new year darling !!


Hi There!
It’s New Year’s Eve!
The Party Is Rocking
So Don’t Come Knocking!
Let Me Know Where You Are
And I’ll Come Get You
Goodbye 2016 & Welcome to Brand New Year 2017.

Oh my Dear, Forget ur Fear,
Let all ur Dreams Clear,
Never put Tear, Please Hear,
I need to let one know thing in ur Ear
Wishing u an exceptionally “Happy NEWYEAR”!

Now that the old year has passed
Let the past be over with
The New Year has approached and possessed the clock
So let us anticipate every one of the conceivable outcomes
That the NewYear in these twelve months with it brings.

New Year’s the time when we look back on the past,
learn from our mistakes, face our fears,
and try to move on to happier times… so on this New Year,
let us vow to leave the past behind and celebrate the future.
Happy New Year 2017.

Let every one of us close our eyes, say a warm farewell to the year 2016.
Express gratitude toward God for everything that he has given us request pardoning for every one of our mix-ups and finally,
wish for a far and away superior year 2017.

I am here to wish you satisfaction from the first day of the new year to the end and wish you thriving adoration and happiness.
have an extremely advance Happy New Year 2017 in advance.

New Year Sayings for Friends:


New thoughts, innovations, unprecedented goals to move the world in future times is flourish to you this year.
Appreciate winning..HappyNewYear.

May this New Year bring with golden opportunities
that pave your way with success and happiness,
help you explore every avenue of live,
and may your resolutions all reach competition
as you stay firm and resolute.
Have a Happy New Year 2017.

For my lovely family members, I send love and New Year wishes for all. I wish your New Year celebration be a marvelous one and the oncoming year a treasure of lovely moments. Have a happy new year ahead.

New hopes! New resolutions! New Aspiration! Love and Laughter in your life! Peace and Prosperity in your life! Success and Good Times On New Year! Wishing you a Sparkling and Rocking New Year.


In every thing there must be a season,  a time to come and a time to go. I pray that this New Year brings to you happiness and joy forever and ever.

Some People Have Nice Eyes
Some Have Nice Smiles &
Some Have Nice Faces
But You Have All of Them Topped With a Nice Heart
Wish You a Happy New Year From the Bottom of my Heart.

As we step into another year, my love has become much stronger for you and it is this passion that has given new meaning to my life. Thanks for making wonderful memories in 2016 and being there by my side in 2017.

Happy New Year 2017 Party Ideas | New Year Eve Party Images

New Year as the name suggests is a new beginning for everything.  Though it is just a change of calendar people have many sentiments associated with the first day of the year.  New Year is all about starting new and fresh and realizing what our dreams are.

For the New Year to come soon let all we all raise a toast and welcome the New Year with bright smiles.  We have to take good inspirations to start anew in life.  We have to motivate ourselves to do better in life this year.

We have to realize the needs of our heart and needs of the people we love and strive to satisfy the needs. We have to remember that a good beginning is what paves way for good ending.  So, let us all remember this truth of life and kick start New Year with a great beginning that will lead to the happy ending.

Happy New Year 2017 Party Ideas :

New Year is in close quarters and all the people must be thinking about what to do for the New Year to make it a memorable day for the entire year and years to come.  If you have the same thoughts then just read on.

We have come up with some party ideas for New Year.  It is always way too fun to plan parties for New Year night.  The 31st night is most memorable night for most of the people.  People stay up until the midnight just to wish and welcome the New Year.

It is such a joyous thing to recall those moments when the time passes.  New Year parties include games for adults and kids, eating sessions, decorations, cake cuttings etc.  Depending on our personal interest we can draft any plan for the New Year.  Here are some party ideas for you.  Just give them as glance!


Hang Handmade Paper Snowflakes From the Ceiling :

  • White printer paper snowflakes in varying sizes, plain or accented with silver or clear glitter, can be hung from different lengths of thread or ribbon for a festive effect. You can even scatter some over a table for easy decor. If you glitter them, remember that less is more.
  • Casino setups are going to be all the rage this New Year’s Eve. You can rent casino games from local vendors. Also consider creating your own special “play money” using your computer!
  • As a favor, give your guests fun care packages in small paper totes for New Year’s Day. Fill the bags with aspirin, Alka-Seltzer, vitamin C, and the CD of the all the music you created! Additionally, I like to give guests hot chocolate in a to-go container for the drive home!

Set Out All the Candles You Own :


  • Set out every candle you can find in your house, and consider buying a cheap bag of votives, which can be put into glasses, canning jars, or even apples.

Hang Lengths of Curled Ribbon for an Iconic New Year’s Eve:


  • Curling ribbon is very easy, but it looks great everywhere. Try to find the wider variety, about a half-inch thick. You can hang it from light fixtures, doorways, lamps, mantels, even on the bathroom mirror. Scatter a few curls between dishes on your midnight buffet as well.
  • For your menu, I recommend light snacks throughout the evening, such as veggies and dip, pretzels, mini pizzas, and chips. Then around 10:30 p.m., set out a breakfast buffet with premade casseroles, danishes, and fruit. It’s a change for people and puts something in their stomach toward the end of the evening.
  • Ask all of your guests to give you their three favorite songs when they RSVP for the party. Create a custom CD from this list with all of your guests’ favorites! Burn extra CDs for your guests with a custom cover created on your computer to give as party favors.

New Year Eve Party Ideas:

New Year is full of joyous moments that we collect time and again.  It brings new hopes and happiness into our lives.  It makes us feel relaxed about the past and paves way for new thoughts.

So, the New Year day definitely deserves to be celebrated in the most memorable way ever.  The only way to make the day memorable is by partying all night.

Yes!  Partying with best buddies, dear ones, and family members have a kick in it.  We are here to present you some partying ideas for New Year night.  There you go!


  • First, prepare an invitation to welcome the guests for the night.
  • Decorate your house with beautiful decorative items, balloons, pomp pomps etc.
  • Shop for the best attires for the party and also supplies for games you want to play.
  • List of the best games that will make everyone in the party involve deeply.
  • Prepare some creative prices for the winners and pack them neatly.
  • Now the main dish of the party is the eatery. Try to find out favorite dishes of the guests and prepare them in the best way possible.  Serve your guests and let them feel full with your dishes.
  • Make sure to count down the last seconds and toast for the New Year altogether.

New Year Wishes for Sister | Happy New Year 2017 Sayings

Happy New Year Peeps!! We wish every single individual across the world a Happy and prosperous New Year with the arrival of 2017. This is the best occasion wherein people look for something best to happen in their lives. Every human being lives with a hope.

New is always hoping for any. Likewise, a new year is a new hope for one more year to live life well and being happy. Wishing our family members a happy new year is more   strengthen their relationship. In a family elder sister have more responsibilities other than younger sister beside they quarrel teaches cares and loves us.

For a wish, it’s not just a happy new year; it likes a safety protection whether where they are young or old. They feel its honor and great. When the clock rang 12, starts blowing fireworks. Some of them are dancing. Everyone starts enjoying the New Year with their wishes. In a family, they getting together and cut the New Year cake.

Happy New Year Wishes for Sister 2017 :

People will start sweetening their mouths with cake and sweetening their hearts with happy New Year wishes. An elder sister gives blessing but younger one asks gifts. A new member in our life makes a lot of change. Everyone wants new attire, new dress, new mobile etc. for their birthdays and for some other occasions like Happy New Year 2017.

We all were having it, but we need something new in our life. The occasions like birthdays are limited to someone, but the whole world celebrates New Year with much enthusiasm and fun.


 New is always a good hope. Wishing all our family members a happy new year can strengthen our relationship in a great way. In a family, elder sister has more responsibilities other than younger sister beside they quarrel, teaches, cares and loves us.

Elder sister is like a 2nd mother. Sisters are the first and best friends ever in every family. Unfortunately, everyone thinks to wish their friends only, but sisters didn’t know the world; they treat their family as the whole world.

For a wish, it’s not just a happy new year. It is like a safety protection whether no matter where they live, they often feel its huge honor and great to wish their beloved ones with their warm wishes. You can send your wishes to your younger and elder sister via various social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Hike and much more no matter how far they stray from you.

If you are exploring for the best Younger/Elder Happy New Year Wishes for Sister 2017, we are here to aid you in the best way. People who are searching for the warm wishes across the web can simply visit our blog where you can find a huge collection of New Year wishes, greetings, messages, SMS, images, videos and much more stuff that can be sent to your friends, family members, and many others.

Happy New Year 2017 Quotes for Sister:


I take this chance to wish my dear sweet sister Happy New Year.

Dearest sister, When the chapters of my life close this year, you will be one .

She is the one who would fight with you one minute and then turn into your staunch supporter the very next minute when an elder scolds you.

Thank God For He Has Granted Me
The Most Priceless Gift Of A Sister.
You Are A Treasure Beyond Measure
And I Wish You A Fabulous New Year.

I wish you can motivate your kids and spouse to switch to healthy eating habits this year.

For a lovely sister, I send new year greetings and wishes for a prosperous new year. Let your new year be filled with happy and love filled moments always. Have a happy new year ahead.

To sweet sister, happy New Year wishes with exciting gifts just for you. I hope you love the gifts sent to you to make your New Year celebration a better one.

My sister is one of the finest blessings for me poured from paradise. I wish to convey my love, respect, prayers, and good wishes for you for the coming New Year. Happy New Year my dear sister!!!!

Sometimes I wonder how you sensed each time I was hurt, even when it was on the inside, and nursed me gently without messing with my pride – you are a treasure dear sister whom I appreciate all the year round.Happy New Year 2017.

From the same roots we have branched out to saplings which further grew into trees – but you and I dear sister remain bound by the roots.

On this new year, learn to cook Spanish dishes. It would be better of you once I visit, I would require 0nly that cuisine. Have a marvelous new year ahead.

Dearest sister, happy New Year wishes for you through this text. I hope the oncoming year be filled with love and happiness all around for you and you win your dreams over.

New Year Saying 2017 for Younger/Elder  Sister:

Wish you laughter not smile, pure joy not just happiness, not only wealth but heavenly treasure and great peace of mind. Happy New Year my dear sister !!

Having a sister is like having a best friend for life, so for her I wish only the very best this New Year.
Thank you dear sister to have been by my side to wipe my tears, nurse my wounds, share my thoughts year after year.

Having a sister is like having a best friend for life, so for her I wish only the very best this New Year.

When the New Year is about to begin, you can send your sister love and affectionate wishes. This can be sent both to your sibling or a cousin sister.

New Year Sayings in English:


This card brings love and best New Year wishes for my lovely sister far away. I send gifts for you dear sis and all my love and good wishes this New Year. Have a happy new year.

The year of 2016 is going to bring along lots of beautiful moments in our lives to spend time together and create memories for life. Wishing a wonderful Happy New Year to the best sister.

As the first ray of light will kiss your head tomorrow, a new year will be at your door. Wishing you a happy new year filled with great hopes and success as bright and pure as the sun ray kissed on your head.

Not only during New Year 2016 quotes , but all through the year I love you dear sister for patiently bearing with me through the growing up years, for understanding what I meant even when I was quiet, for being a firm believer in me even when my own hope faltered.

This New Year I am in a reminiscent mood that have been thinking about all the wonderful moments you and I have shared together and I wanted you to know even if distance does us part our heart with always beat in unison.

May God bless you and keep you always safe and happy: my wish and blessing is not only for today but for the rest of life ahead. May the year 2017 come as the best among the best you have ever imagined for you.

Sister you are the coolest rock star to whom I have always looked up to for grace, attitude and style statement.

Happy New Year 2017 Wallpapers | New Year Pictures, Images HD

New Year 2017 starts with New being with fresh reaffirmations of love and promises for a bright future all our relatives and loved ones comes to mind as it is the first day in New year 2017. People take resolutions for losing weight, making good future and take the promise to have good habits.

Some promises are heart touching promises people will make to others, either aloud or in the minds like caring more, reverse bad feelings in old relationships, express love fillings more and welcomes new relationships.

To wish Happy New year in a innovate way with images, pictures and wallpapers we fell that saying or sending a message is very common nowadays so wish your loved once in a special way with pictures, wallpapers, and images it can touch the hearts of your loved once.


New Year 2017 countdown started in all over the world everybody eagerly waiting for celebrating New Year 2017. If you are searching for happy New Year wallpapers, new year pictures or new year images then you are in right place here in our website you will get all the Happy New Year related stuff. For our readers here we have collected some fabulous wallpapers of happy New Year 2017.

You can sit in your home and you can send the images only you need to do is open your PC and connect to the internet and open our websites where we are providing world’s fantastic wallpapers, pictures, images and  much more only for readers.

New Year Wallpapers, Pictures HD :

One more year loaded with sweet recollections and cheerful times has passed. You have made my year exceptionally uncommon, and I wish this continues forever. With you around, each minute is a unique event for me. I wish you to have a year as incredible as you are.

As the new year
renews all the happiness
and good tidings…
Hope the joyful spirit
keeps glowing
in the your heart…
Happy New Year!

May each day of the New Year
Bring happiness, good cheer
And sweet surprises…
To you and all your dear ones!
Happy New Year!




















Happy New Year 2017 Poems for Kids | New Year Poems

Wish you Happy New Year kids!! We have finally moved into the much-awaited year 2017 with new hopes and expectations. On the occasion of Happy New Year, all the people across the world celebrate it like a festival in a grand and magnificent manner. Usually, the New Year falls in the month of January-dated 1

Usually, the New Year falls in the month of January-dated 1st Jan every year as it resembles the commencement of the year. Before the arrival of New Year which means on December 31st people across various countries and regions begin celebrating the New Year in the best way.

All the citizens of each and every country celebrate the New Year in their own way by following various customs, traditions, and cultures. Likewise the elder ones, the kids also love celebrating the Happy

Happy New Year 2017 Poems for Kids :

These days, people have been using the gadgets vigorously and at the same time, there are plethora apps available on various platforms letting the users send their best messages and wishes via instant texting apps.

We have numerous messaging applications available on the web such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Hike, Line, and in the recent times, Google has launched a new messenger called Allo. Using all these apps, you can easily send your Happy New Year 2017 wishes to all your friends and other small kids.

If you are exploring the web or the internet for the best New Year 2017 Poems for Kids, we are here to assist you in the best way. Here is an incredible collection of the best and great Poems that are quite interesting for all the Kids in your home and others. Have a look!



Hooray! Hooray! It’s New Year’s Day! The day we start anew. So this year I?ve decided To become a kangaroo!

“Happy, Happy New Year,
We wish you all the best,
Great work to reach your fondest goals,
And when you’re done, sweet rest,
We hope for your fulfillment,
Contentment, peace and more,
A brighter, better new year than,
You’ve ever had before.”

January opens
The box of the year
And brings out days
That are bright and clear.
And brings out days
That are cold and gray,
And shouts, “Come see
What I brought today!”

A year to be glad in, And not to be sad in, To gain in, to give in, A happy new year. A new year for trying, And never for sighing, A new year to live in, Oh, hold it most dear.

New Year 2017 wishes for kids:

All the citizens of each and every country celebrate the New Year in their own way by following various customs, traditions and cultures. Likewise the elder ones, the kids also love celebrating the Happy New Year in a cheerful and delightful way.

On this special occasion, in some places, it would be declared as a Public holiday on the eve of New Year 2017. On this very auspicious day, people start wishing their friends, family members, brothers, sisters, wife, husband, father, mother, parents, grandparents, colleagues, companions and all the near and dear ones across the globe.

“Keep the smiles,
Walk past the tears,
Forget your worries,
And look forward to the coming year,
A very Happy New Year To You!”

I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December
A magical thing
And sweet to remember:
“We are nearer to Spring
Than we were in September,”
I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December.

Best New Year Poems:

Everyone is keenly waiting for December 31st to rejoice the New Year Night before for the reason that it is the last day of the Year in the Gregorian calendar. All the folks across different countries celebrate New Year with different cultures.

It’s time to say goodbye to the past Year and welcome New Year with full of pleasures and cheerfulness. Most of the people organize different parties, go to pubs and gathers their loved ones in order to enjoy the occasion to peaks. Some of the people say the best New Year poems to their kids in order to celebrate the occasion in the best possible and sweet way.

My Happy New Year wish for you
Is for your best year yet,
A year where life is peaceful,
And what you want, you get.

A new year is beginning to peak through
softly beautiful and different like new falling snow,
each day unique and shaped just for you.
Your life adding something as each day does grow.
My wish for your new year is beauty
and softness with surprises thrown in for delight.
Love for each day bringing happiness to you,
making your life a scene of sparkle and shining sunlight.


A prayer when I’m weary as onward I trod,
a little more trusting, believing in God,
’tis this I would wish for within moments dear,
not a lot – just a little this wondrous new year.

A New Year is beginning,
Be joyful, one and all!
Then turn and face each other
And share this friendly call:
I wish a happy New Year,
A glad New Year,
A bright New Year;
I wish a happy New Year,
A glad New Year to you!

“Thanks giving come but once a year,
It’s a time when families gather near,
To reflect and give thanks for those we hold dear,
We celebrate Christmas with parties and food…!”

So I’m wishing you fast, happy days,
Pleasuring you in myriad ways,
Filled with happiness and cheer,
Oh Happy, Happy Bright New Year!

I wish U to have a
Sweetest Sunday,
Marvelous Monday,
Tasty Tuesday,
Wonderful Wednesday,
Thankful Thursday,
Friendly Friday,
Successful Saturday.
Have a great Year.

On the occasion of Happy New Year, the best way to enjoy it is to spend all your time with your loving cute kids and make them learn the significance of the event through your best poems and other moral values. We have come up with a great collection of New Year 2017 poems for kids.